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Through its use of cookies, Citadele processes information on how its website is used to ensure that its website and online services work effectively and securely, are easier to use, and, bearing in mind your habits, can find out what content and services are important to you. This helps Citadele to improve its website and the services, it provides, as well as to offer you relevant information on social media, mobile apps and other websites. Cookie settings, apart from essential cookie settings, can be changed by entering a tick, which indicates consent to their use. This can be changed at any time, if required, to ensure that Citadele does not use that type of cookie. More information on the cookies used on our websites in the Cookie Terms and Conditions and Cookie Descriptions.

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Cookies which we need to ensure that the website is secure, as well as to help you use the website and log in. These cookie settings cannot be changed, because they are necessary for the website to function.

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These cookies collect information on how you use the site, for example, what pages you visit, how quickly the page loads, what links you have used and whether they link to a functioning website, also cookies help us understand your actions and receive feedback using tools such as heatmaps, session recordings and surveys.

Cookies which are used to evaluate advertisement effectiveness and offer you relevant advertisements, excluding lending advertisements.