Investment Funds

Most popular and accessible tool for investing your capital. By aggregating capital of many investors, the range of available investment opportunities broadens and professional manager's involvement becomes possible.

CBL Opportunities Funds

Convenient solution for the first steps in financial market investing. Suitable for a wide range of investors suitable equally for a larger one-time investment as well as for regular savings accumulation. By investing in the world's leading investment funds, wide investment diversification is achieved. Allocation of capital among asset classes is adopted the current market situation and most optimal investment opportunities. 

CBL Bond Funds

Opportunity to enhance the expected risk/return profile of your portfolio by using the internationally recognized knowledge and experience of the CBL team in global and Eastern European emerging market debt markets.

CBL Equity Funds

Opportunity to participate in capital growth of the world's leading companies. An active and disciplined investment process based on teamwork, modern analytical methods and extensive investment experience.

How to invest

  • Submit Application for Purchase of share certificates via Citadele Bank internetbank, at its headquarters, branches or customer service centres
  • Submit the respective bank’s financial instrument purchase application form if buying share certificates through another custodian bank*
  • Open a life insurance policy linked to investment funds
  • Each investor can apply for an unlimited number of share certificates. Minimum purchase amount is 1 (one) investment certificate.

* In order to purchase shares of the investment funds the investor has to have an active financial instrument account. The financial instrument account must be opened with any member of the Latvian Central Depository (LCD), or with an institution that can ensure, through inter-bank or central depository correspondent relationships, that financial instruments are held and settled with the LCD.