CBL galimybių fondai komanda

  • Zigurds Vaikulis

    Languages: Lv, Ru, En

  • Andris Kotāns

    Languages: Lv, Ru, En, Lt

    Head of Mutual Fund Management, Member of the Board, 11 years with the company, 15 years in the industry, MSc in Economics
    Andris Kotāns has been with CBL Asset Management since 2007. Under his leadership several CBL Asset Management managed funds have achieved and continue to receive the highest standard of international recognition, including CBL Eastern Europe Bond Fund, which has been awarded the highest possible Morningstar five-star rating. Andris Kotāns is also acting as the investment committee member of the 2nd and 3rd pillar pension funds managed by the Company. Andris is a CFA charterholder since 2007 and holds master's degree in economics from Central European University (Hungary) and bachelor's degree in business and economics and business administration from the Stockholm School of Economics in Riga.